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In Their Shoes: National Coalition for Homeless Veterans’s “In Their Shoes” campaign is designed to encourage shoppers to help those in need by contributing to a diverse range of nonprofit organizations. During this year’s campaign, which will run from Monday, November 11 to Friday, November 15, customers that shop with the offer code “INSHOES” will be contributing to the donation efforts, with a portion of each of these sales going to the four participating charities.

We asked these charities to each share a bit about their organization and the work they do, and first up – and in honor of Veterans Day – we’ll hear from The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.

Honor The Brave with Shoebuy

Every November 11th, America honors those who have served in the Armed Forces by celebrating Veterans Day. That may mean thanking a veteran family member, friend or stranger, participating in or observing a ceremony or parade, or a host of other ways to pay respect to our veterans. For the past six years, has chosen to mark Veterans Day by making a contribution to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV) as well as offering customers a discount and making a portion of all sales an additional contribution to NCHV.

Founded in 1990, NCHV was the first, and is still the only, national organization dedicated solely to ending veteran homelessness. From humble beginnings, the organization has grown to become the nation’s leading voice in the field, representing the more than 2,100 service providers in communities across the country. (Find the service provider nearest to your community here.)

Since 2008, when began this annual drive, the numberof homeless veterans on the street on a given night has decreased by over 60%. While this is unprecedented success, there still remain nearly 60,000 homeless veterans on a given night, and approximately twice that many who experience homelessness over the course of the year.

In 2009, President Obama declared ending veteran homelessness a national priority, and in 2010 Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Eric Shinseki, introduced the Five-Year Plan to End Veteran Homelessness. Since these historic moments, the involvement of corporate America has played a large role in providing funds, goods and services, and employment support to homeless veteran initiatives across the country. And was one of the first to stake a claim as a continuing supporter of the cause.

With the Five-Year Plan in place, and the support of corporate sponsors like, the goal of ending veteran homelessness is more realistic than ever. With a target of 2015, the continued support of corporate sponsors and communities across the country is all the more important. With this year’s Veterans Day campaign, you have the chance to help NCHV and its partners end veteran homelessness.

The money raised for NCHV through’s campaign over the years supports:

  • Raising awareness and educating service organizations and communities about homeless veterans and the programs in place to help them.
  • Providing expert advice and assistance to Congress and the federal agencies involved with homeless veteran issues and service programs.
  • Leadership in building partnerships between service providers and government agencies.
  • Immediate notification of government, corporate and foundation grants for homeless service providers.
  • Bi-monthly newsletter, and monthly e-newsletters with resources from private and government sources.
  • Dynamic website – – updated daily, this is the nation’s most comprehensive website on homeless veteran issues and programs.
  • Annual conference in Washington, D.C., and regional conferences on a wide range of topics for service providers.
  • Nationwide toll-free Homeless Veteran Help Line – 1-800-VET-HELP.

This campaign is just one way to get involved in helping homeless veterans. Visit NCHV’s Get Involved page to learn more about ways to help veterans in crisis nationwide and in your community.

NCHV wishes you a happy Veterans Day, and sincerely thanks and its customers for their continued support in the effort to ensure no veteran sleeps on our nation’s streets.


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